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Meet Karen

I’m lucky. I get paid to make up stories. It’s a better gig than bartending, the only other job I’ve held more than a month. Writing pays better, and I never have to tell people they’ve had enough.


My stories for Maybelline have launched eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations and, closest to my heart, the brand’s mental health initiative, Brave Together. At previous jobs, I created compelling narratives for Bayer Aspirin, S.Pellegrino sparkling water, Johnson & Johnson, and Jaguar. I’ve led teams of incredibly talented, funny, dedicated people at ad agencies like Gotham, BBDO, Deutsch, and Ogilvy. And it was great. 


But now...


It’s Someday. The day I promised myself would come when I could step away from the grind and focus on my passion projects. (You know. The kind you don’t get paid for.)


Four of my published stories are here. And so is a glimpse of my personal life, which from here on out, I can simply refer to as “life.”  


Well, that’s my story. Let’s see where it leads.

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